Tilebased Light - kinda like Minecraft

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  • While reading this thread at work on a mobile and being unable to participate I came up with a method as well. Now that I have implemented it turns out it's quite similar to Animaniac's raytrace I guess (at least the look).

    It's very rough, not optimized at all, but kinda works. Check it out (you can drag and drop the lights and use Numpad + and - to change their size).

  • Sorry to bump my own last post, but I did a little optimization and the whole thing is now about 15-17 times faster (heh). For smaller things realtime raytraced light is fairly viable. It's still the same example, same keys and all that.

    I'm fairly sure there's more to be squeezed out, but for now you get the latest example. Touch a light to start. It also doesn't render unless necessary now, so don't get too excited by the thousands of fps it shows while idle.

  • Something similar can also be achieved by simply using lights and the shadowcaster effect like you are used to for dynamic lights. You'll get the "tilebased" light effect by applying the pixellate effect with the appropriate resolution to the layer.

    Isn't too fast either, because of shadowcasters, but it's definitely useable. Here's the described method quickly applied to Somebody's example: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2306601/TraceRay_dl.cap

  • Thank you for sharing your great solution! :)

    If and I mean IF I can make it faster I will post it here! :)

    Thanks again!


  • Woaw thanks everyone for your great examples, I have alot to learn here! :)

    Im pretty suprised over the positive and enthusiastic response I got here!

    Man you guys are great!

    Thank you all!


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  • The combination of the first examples that Animmaniac sent and LOS. In this way one can get directional lights. Things can be improved even further by taking into account only the light whose position is changed ...


  • you could upload it again the link is down

    pleas!! <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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