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  • Creating and destroying objects seems the only way on the fly of forcing them to use their own pv's.

    No, it isn't. It's the event-structure that breaks the logic in this case.

    In your screenshot "Capture3.PNG", the "trigger once"-subevents don't work as you expect. "Trigger once" should only be used as a second condition in an event and can easily confuse, if used in a subevent.

    Instead, think of your issue as a triple state:

    1) object is touched

    2) object will be made invisible

    3) object will be made visible

    Now use the pv "touched" to map that tri-state.

    1) object is touched -> touched = 1

    2) object will be made invisible -> touched = 2

    3) object will be made visible -> touched = 0

    If you adapt the following screenshot exactly as is to your project, it will work (I just omitted the animation setting, which you would have to put back in, in my events 2 and 3):

    <img src="" border="0">

    EDIT: In case you didn't find it yet, there's an extensive description of picking (filtering) in Construct's wiki. Just follow this link

    EDIT 2: Damn, I posted an image with the wrong order of the conditions in event 2. Don't know why^^ Here is the correct order of conditions:

    <img src="" border="0">

  • Just a quick post before I go and do that to give all my thanks to you Tulamide, and of course to the community. You've always been incredibly generous of your time and knowledge which to me are pretty much the most valuable virtues. Sorry, had a rough day today, need to share positive vibes. ^^

    You'll have a spot in my team's credits if it's ok with you.

    Damn construct is the bomb.

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  • It works indeed! God what a relief! Fixed some collision detection bugs as well for some reason.

    You're right, I treated pv's too much like booleans I guess. States is a much more appropriated method.

    I'm sure my whole designer prog'd script could be reduced to just a few pages with optimizations like those.

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