The Power of Construct Classic?

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  • Personaly i think its a pile of sh*t, you cant even incorporate simple commands, all i wanna do is move a sprite 360 and rotate 360 on a second controller and there's no script for it !ice attitude. you don't use scripts in construct classic except for very specialized purposes as they aren't needed. Your "simple command"/"script" request aside from not making sense, sounds like a specific feature for YOUR game. this behavior wouldn't be built in. it would require you to learn how to use the software, and implement it in your own game. this would be true of any game creation tool, except maybe movesprite360rotate360onsecondcontrollermaker, but from what I heard that was never finished and they've scrapped the project.

    you need plugins just to use keyboard functions? what a pile of sh*t, and they say gamemaker's crap! you need plugins because construct is built to be extended with plugins. probably the most intelligent design for a generalized game building application.

    all of construct's runtime functionality is provided through plugins. For instance, the built-in Sprite plugin.   as for comparing the two, construct is more powerful, and easier to use, and doesn't require scripting to make games. I don't even think it's subjective which is "better"

    both of your comments were made out of ignorance of the platform...

    maybe posting questions in the help/tech support forum, or looking through some tutorials would be more useful than calling it a pile of [insert excrement synonym here] over and over all across the forums?

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  • nobrowser2, your attitude today has been very rude. We are always happy to listen to constructive criticism but you are simply saying everything is rubbish. This attitude is not welcome on our forum.

    Perhaps Construct is not for everybody, in which case we welcome you to leave the forum and find another tool which better suits your needs. However, if you continue as you are, I'm afraid I will have to issue a temporary ban.

  • Personaly i think its a pile of sh*t, you cant even incorporate simple commands, all i wanna do is move a sprite 360 and rotate 360 on a second controller and there's no script for it !


    Being rude isn't going to get people to want to help you. Relax! A bit of patience will help a lot - especially in game development, because it requires a lot of it. If someone hasn't answered your question in a day or two, then it's okay to bump the thread to try to get people's attention again.

    You not doing yourself any favors by throwing insults around, and not making any friends in the process either, which, again, isn't going to make people want to help you.

    So calm down a bit. I understand it can be frustrating when something doesn't work, but you've got to realize these type of blocks happen all the time in game dev. Learning how to deal with the frustration is important.

    Simply clarify or reword your question in your other thread in a more polite manner and we'll try to help you out.

  • <img src="" border="0" />

    I has one, and I'm not afraid to use it.

    Calm down, take a chill pill, and ask questions nicely and I'm sure it will all work out in the end.


  • don't even think of pulling out the frenchyann hammer

  • o_o

  • If I wasn't so busy with work right now, I'd Photoshop "The Epic Scirra Hammer of Awesome". Too bad I have a deadline to meet, and spent way too much time recently playing MINECRACK.

    Now, back to work...


  • SoldjahBoy: "The Epic Scirra Hammer of Awesome"! <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • For me Construct Classic is the best game maker app ever.I tried the others but they are way too bulky or slow.I made some seriously complicated apps and games with Construct Classic.The other game making apps takes forever to do the same stuff that Construct classic can do with just a few events.

    I had to scrap most of my projects which i did with the other apps because off script errors , incompatibility issues etc...Construct Classic is perfect for me because i don't do big projects and games although i am sure construct can do big projects if used correctly.

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