Loading image from binary?

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  • Finally wrapped my mind around this. It requires a GET/POST using the c3 ajax post as binary

    (The URL line being the get and qualifier - for the POST [which is the binary data])

    Your job is done Ashley! lol, and thank you for the education.

    Unfortunately, for saving to server with php it will not work without some heavy manipulation. Which is fine, the drawingcanvas save feature works very well as an image compressor and base64 string is easy for php to handle.

    Thanks again for the information.


    "The protocol blob or Object-URLs can only be generated by browser and these URL's can only be accessed / managed in the same instance / browser , which generated them.

    Therefore, it is clear that PHP does not have access to URL created.

    On the other hand, you can send the file created by the xkeshi/image-compressor library via ajax ( XMLHttpRequest )."

    So it is something that can be done.

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