Construct 3 Talk (Disadvantages / Native Export)

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  • pinellos thanks for reply

    to me the idea of having black empty screen is not solid solution if you see top game in google play or app store no one of them use black screen or percentage text they use a professional splash screen that represent their logo studios or their logo publisher

    i still believe that construct 3 should reach that level of professionality too


    If your loader layout is made by a simple image and one event in event sheet the load time is the same as one of the "professional" splash screen in app about you talk... it is not a real issue, you have already full control about loader and splash screen...

  • pinellos i remember doing exacly as you said in my game but the the black screen take to much to leave

    My loader Layout Contain 1 image 1280x720 and Sprite font and 1 line code

    probably work on small games not heavy games

    i really respect your opinion maybe this work for you but not for me

  • Wait, are u talking about an apk app? In this case the loader layout doesnt work, the solution is custom splashscreen...

  • I think some confusion about the loading screen arises from the question: what do you show when you are loading the loading screen?

    If you use a loader layout, Construct still shows the default loader while the loader layout itself is loading. This is just on the off-chance the user is on a very slow connection or for some reason your loader layout uses a lot of resources. If your loader layout is small and simple, it should load quickly - so you can set the default loader to "none" and you will only ever see your custom loader layout.

    Even if we supported some custom splash image for before the loader layout itself is loaded, what do you show while that is loading? At some point you just have to either show some pre-set message or image - which cannot be customised, because nothing is loaded yet, not even the settings for the game - or show nothing. You can already do both by using either Construct's default loader, or turning it off and showing nothing until the custom loader layout appears.

    If you have a small, simple custom loader layout, and you turn off the default loader, then you have basically arrived at the same thing as a splash image or custom spinner.

  • Ashley i'm talking about exporting to Mobile

    and let say i export to web my game is 90mb size 90% of people will see the preloader

    i still remember in intel XDK you can have splash screen that show directly in the opening of the game without any need to load that splash screen

    Why we can't have something like That

  • Ashley, have you tried this Cordova Splashscreen feature?

    This is recommended for mobile, especially if loading 60+mb of app data. 5-10 seconds of black screen on initial project load is a huge red flag for players.

  • thank you Finally someone know what i'm talking about

  • We support that too. Set a storyboard splash.

  • That's great Ashley. I was a bit confused at first where to specify the storyboard images, but then I remembered the recent Icon Purpose feature.

    For those who are wondering how it works:

    1. From the Icons folder in the Project window, add an image.
    2. Select the image.
    3. Then, from the Properties, set the Purpose parameter to Storyboard Splash.
    4. The Splashboard should be 1x the scale of your original window size. It will automatically upscale or downscale depending on the mobile phone's screen size.
    5. For more information, click Cordova Splashscreen.
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  • Ashley you said that you want to create the best 2D engine in the world

    Do you think this will be possible for engine that not even have Splash screen option and still Dependent on ugly preloader that you can't edit and for the storyboard splash solution maybe it easy for you but for me is nightmare to deal with android studio documentation there is no even a tutorial explaining how to do that

    the splash screen part is complicated in construct 3 more than other engines they all have a drag and drop option without thinking about the rest

    again i'm not a programmer i love construct 3 because it easy to use and

    Don't take me wrong i really respect what you do to improve construct3 but if you know the rule of 80/20 you understand what i'm saying

  • Thanks, Ashley and chadorireborn !

    So will the splash image be scaled on different screens, or placed as it it? For example, if the project viewport is 1080x1920 and the splash image is 1000x1000, will it be scaled down or cropped on smaller screens?

  • Hi dop2000, it will be scaled center, then cropped.

  • i remember trying this

    i export my game as android studio project but it not showing up

    is this working only with construct server export ?

  • i just try to export a simple debug apk include a Splash screen using The build service but nothing show up

    also the same for android studio project

  • The preloader is there for when you are downloading the game, and you don't want dead air in those crucial few moments.

    You aren't downloading anything in an apk.

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