Worms vs Bees - Windows 8 / Windows Phone

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  • gfigueroa did you have to do anything to optimize for Windows Phone above and beyond what you did for Windows 8?

  • BluePhaze we released the first Worms Vs Bees Phone Edition before moving to desktop, the changes were more in the graphic side. We did not optimized anything besides the simple export from C2. That worked perfectly fine and another reason why we fall in loved with C2 ;)

    I will let you know as soon as we port from Windows 8 PC to Windows Phone. I believe the issues will be graphics again (having a big background is not good and we are still figuring it out how to save memory, but for PC we are safe ;))

    I will keep you inform if we find any issue or if we find a way to optimize anything, like keeping graphics and music "light".

    I'm also thinking of writing my first tutorial in regards to SpriteFonts usage, I had a lot of issues trying to figure it out how to use them, even after reading the forum and everywhere else... so I'm thinking about a dummy approach. I learned so much through the forum and tutorials that I would love to give back... do you think it is worthy (there are tutorials, but I feel like they are not for beginners like me)?

    Do you know how to use a Spritefont for multiple text? I have been using clones... but not sure is the most efficient way.


  • gfigueroa I have two tutorials that I put together for learning how to do platform type stuff (wall jump, double jump) and they went over really well with the community. It is definitely worth taking the time to put some good tutorials together. I have a few more I want to do I just can't find the time currently with releasing our game on 5+ platforms in a short period of time. But yeah, it is worth it, go for it!

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  • BluePhaze thanks, I will, we also have a tough deadline, so after that one I will arrange a nice tutorial :)

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