Spooky Heroes : Released on Steam !

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  • nvm figured it out lol love this game mate :).

  • Another player had the same problem with tutorial. I will add a text to help beginners :p

    Sorry about that !

  • A few previews of the novelties

    The summoner and its elementals:

    <img src="http://www.spooky-heroes.com/images/summoner.png" border="0" />

    The mage and its 4 elemental colors:

    <img src="http://www.spooky-heroes.com/images/mage.png" border="0" />

    The minotaur :

    <img src="http://www.spooky-heroes.com/images/minotaur.png" border="0" />

  • Nice! Just find the R and T keys awkward. Continuez le bon travail!

  • Hi all !

    The new version is out !

    I decided to add the powers details in the changelog to show readers that the game is a little more than a classic platform game and has many tricks to offer with each characters.

    As always, the new version is available on the website :


    or direct link : spooky-heroes.com/Spooky_Heroes.zip

    I'm still looking for testers to check out the game and give me some feedback !

    And don't hesitate to follow me on facebook or twitter of you're interested in the game since it'll give me more visibility !


    v0.5 changelog :

    1 new hero :

    • Minstrel : Ranged, piercing arrow, charm arrow, stun trap, homing arrows, low life

    4 new enemies :

    • Triton trident : Melee, weapon throw, thrust, explosion
    • Triton harpoon : Ranged, piercing throw, thrust, stun trap
    • Assassin : Melee, daggers throw, thrust, stun hit, back stab
    • Ranger : Ranged, piercing arrow, damage trap, stun trap

    2 new bosses :

    • The Eye : Avoid and use his missile against him
    • The Ball : Balls bouncing everywhere ! Do not drown !

    3 new stages :

    • River 2 : Big and slow paced stage. Don't forget to breath !
    • Forest 2 : Use wheels and boards to climb to the top !
    • Tree : Use the flyform to reach the top ! Beware spikes and fireballs !

    1 new vehicle :

    • Flyform : Ever wanted to fly ?

    1 new mechanism :

    • Wheel board : Four boards rotating around a wheel

    1 new tileset :

    • The tree

    11 new powers :

    • Weapon throw : Middle ranged attack hurting the first enemy
    • Thrust : Middle ranged dash hurting all enemy touched
    • Piercing throw : Long range piercing attack hurting all enemies touched
    • Stun trap : Place a trap on the floor triggered when an enemy touch it. Stuns the enemy.
    • Daggers throw : Double long range attack hurting the first enemy
    • Stun hit : Short range attack stunning the enemy
    • Back stab : Short range attack with huge damage. Only work from behind (Both characters facing the same direction)
    • Piercing arrow : Long range piercing attack hurting all enemies touched
    • Damage trap : Place a trap on the floor triggered when an enemy touch it. Hurts the enemy.
    • Charm arrow : Long range attack which make the first enemy touched your minion
    • Homing arrows : Full scale attack with high damage targeting all visible enemies

    Items :

    • Can now carry several items at the same time
    • Items are now stackable up to 5 of each
    • Lowered all items price

    Bug correction :

    • Corrected a bug when dying while falling, camera would not follow and revive items would bug
    • Optimized images once more to improve performance

    Misc :

    • Can now interact with exits instead of triggering exits on touch
    • Added some battle shout to enemies
    • Added a few signboards to give boss strategy hint any global hints
    • Quest and tutorial panels are now automatically resized to the match the text size
    • Increased contrast between foreground and background in forest stages


    Preview images :

    Minstrel : <img src="http://www.spooky-heroes.com/images/minstrel.png" border="0" />

    Triton trident : <img src="http://www.spooky-heroes.com/images/tritonTrident.png" border="0" />

    Triton harpoon : <img src="http://www.spooky-heroes.com/images/tritonHarpoon.png" border="0" />

    Assassin : <img src="http://www.spooky-heroes.com/images/assassin.png" border="0" />

    Ranger : <img src="http://www.spooky-heroes.com/images/ranger.png" border="0" />

    The Eye : <img src="http://www.spooky-heroes.com/images/eye.png" border="0" />

    The ball : <img src="http://www.spooky-heroes.com/images/ball.png" border="0" />

    Flyform : <img src="http://www.spooky-heroes.com/images/flyform.png" border="0" />

  • Hi all,

    A new version is available. This one focus more on the graphics and bugs than adding contents. Moreover, in this version, I decided to enable all heroes and all stages right at the start so testers can try them out and give me feedback about them since it can be quite long to unlock all of them.

    If you are interested in the game or want to help a newcomer, don't hesitate to give this version a try and give me some feedback !

    Click here to download it !


    Changelog v0.6

    1 new stage :

    • Village 3

    1 new quest :

    • Flyform race

    6 new items :

    • Waterbreathing Potion : Breath underwater for one stage
    • Torch : Double light size for one stage
    • Rope : Instantly escape from stage
    • Mana Potion : Refresh all CDs
    • Bumpshroom dust : High jump once
    • Time scroll : Start next time cycle

    Graphics :

    • Invulnerability visual and icon updated
    • Explosion power visual and icon updated
    • Plant Queen visual updated
    • Forest backgrounds updated
    • Flyform visual updated
    • Lit torches visual updated
    • Updated bomb explosion visual
    • Updated heal zone visual

    Sounds :

    • Added chest opening sound
    • Added door opening sound
    • Added torch sound
    • Added potion drink sound
    • Added bomb wick sound
    • Added bomb explosion sound
    • Added boulder explosion sound
    • Added wolf howl when night falls
    • Added rooster sound when morning rise

    Misc :

    • Bombs explode faster
    • Added game difficulties :

    - Easy : Enemies life 50%, Enemies reaction speed 100%, Enemies level 1 and 2 (75/25%)

    - Normal : Enemies life 100%, Enemies reaction speed 100%, Enemies level 1, 2, 3 and 4 (40/30/20/10%)

    - Hard : Enemies life 150%, Enemies reaction speed 200%, Enemies level 2, 3, 4 and 5 (40/30/20/10%)

    Corrections :

    • Added torches in Forest 2
    • Corrected minor text errors
    • Corrected a bug with the spikes not being solid
    • Corrected a bug when tutorial panel appeared, player could still move


    Preview :

  • Hi all !

    No update of the game yet even though some stuff has changed.

    No, today, I'm here with an announcement !

    Spooky Heroes will be released for Alpha funding on Desura !

    Check out the game's page : desura.com/games/spooky-heroes

    As to why I proceed like this, it's mainly because I noticed a few players are willing to pay for an alpha if they think the game is worth it, and more than that, a customer who paid the game will be more inclined to give feedback (or insults) about the game, which would allow me to improve it !

    So if you feel like supporting this game, don't hesitate to help me !

    I'm planning to try to release the game on GoG and Steam too but I would like to perfect the game first with Desura !

    Finally, I have updated the game video to make it look like more professional : spooky-heroes.com/video-preview

    I hope you'll enjoy this news as much as I do !

    Have a nice day !

  • wow Nice work man...

  • I love the graphics!

  • Thanks !

    I still need to put more decor in most stages since they are a bit empty. And also I need to improve the game general feeling since it is a bit lacking.

    I'm aiming for desktop since the game is quite heavy, it would be too large for a website I think. Maybe create a smaller web version of the game to reach more people.

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  • This is more than impressive. Are you doing everything by yourself? I love the art style. It reminds me of the time back in the 90s when every cartoon had a different style and later became almost the same. Looks great.

  • The only part I can't do is the music. I have 2 sound designers helping me.

    Otherwise I do the graphics and code by myself.

    I use Flash to create the graphics because it's easier to create and animate, then export them as png and import them to C2.

    I really enjoy how easy it is to work like this.

  • It's quite looking good, although I am not part of the players that are willing to pay for an alpha. I think if you would let the forum users have access to the game you would get more feed back then when you try to sell a game in alpha state.

  • The game was accessible for all at the beginning

    But the game containing now 80% of the features of the final release, it was time to move to the next step.

  • Very well crafted game in every aspect. Solid design, cohesive style, great pacing on introducing new game mechanics.

    You prove that fantastic aesthetics can be created with an art style that doesn't need to compete with "triple A" 2D games because your work reflects so much charm and personality.

    Well done!

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