Iron Kiss (Game finished)

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  • Very well done, I loved all aspects, originality, feel, gameplay, innovation, also, it remember me that old physical toys where you controlled a boxer against another player.

    I had a simplified version of this Boxing Toy, made in wood =]

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  • Thanks TELLES0808, this is a nice reference!

  • I gave the game a second life by uploading it on Newgrounds.

    In less than a week:


    142 rating (3.5/5 actually)

    14 people commented on the game (from "Love the game" to "Game is shit")

    I think it got featured on Newgrounds (in a section on the first page of the portal)

    It is heartwarming when on

    gamejolt since maybe 5 months:


    100 plays (50 real anon plays)

    8 ratings

    There are finally people enjoying playing the game for his story and his mechanics.

    One funny side effect of this (not the $0.52 I earned) I discovered three game portals who "took" my game and used it on their website.

    They must earn money with all the ads "using" games from others to attract their audience but it means my game was good enough for them.

    And they wrote a description of my game, it's interesting for me to read how they describe the game.

    Oigamestop (russian website in english without contact form with "Reprint of materials from this site is prohibited!" written at the bottom of the page)

    [quote:bcy2tpxh]We suggest you play an exciting application that immediately gives you a very strange look. The main thing that should be sought is to crush or simply destroy all enemies in its path. If you win, then take everything. All battles take place in the prison space, and whether you want to get out is possible only after winning the victory. To guide everything in the game Iron Kiss only need arrows. For example, the right one is required in order to shoot, the downward arrow holding the magnet function, but the left one will help to recharge the available energy a little.

    Game2ok (russian website in english with contact form)

    [quote:bcy2tpxh]You should battle by strange cars who whom peredavit, or will shoot. The winner has to receive everything. You battle in a prison ring, the survivor will receive freedom. The right arrow for firing, hold an arrow down to use a magnet, and the arrow is necessary for energy recharge to the left

    Crazygames (belgium website in english with contact form, they made the effort to put my pseudo and my twitter in the description and they probably searched info about me like the games I've made)

    [quote:bcy2tpxh]Prisons are overflowing with prisoners. Because they don't see any other solution, the Capitol implements a deadly game to win freedom or die trying. You control a war vehicle and must earn a reputation by defeating other inmates. Upgrade your vehicle using earned reputation to increase its strength. Your actions in battle use up energy (note that it refills automatically). Your main goal is to defeat the Champion Capito. Fight for your freedom in Iron Kiss!

    Game controls

    Up arrow to thrust (using 4 energy)

    Right arrow to shoot (using 1 energy)

    Hold down arrow to use magnet

    Left arrow to recharge energy

    Game developer

    Iron Kiss was made by Pandadoor, who has previously created Tower Zero and Who is The Culprit.

    (Tower Zero isn't previously created but is being created)

    They use the Newgrounds version, I put "Newgrounds Edition" on the title screen of the game in case other website would "take" it. I did the same for Gamejolt and the Scirra arcade.


    It feels good to see a finished game getting a little success when it was abandonned and not played.

    The mistake was to do a devlog on gamejolt, you don't get the front page for the release if you used a devlog for the game.

    Most important, Newgrounds has an active audience and if your game is enjoyable you can have your chance. (Be ready for the critics, if your game isn't good he will be rejected from submission)

    And last, game portals stealing my game isn't too bad. It gives value to my game because they selected it and to read the descriptions that has been made is a fun experience, the Crazygames one is better than mine!

    If you have a good dusty game nobody plays, try to upload it on Newgrounds.

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