Share Facebook on iOS & Android [solved]

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  • Colludium Thank you for advice,I done follow your device.But this problem as it was.When i test my game in android device open in new window facebook page show message : "An error occurred.Please try later".

    This is code : "




    Apologize for my English language,Please help me thank you very much.

  • Colludium many thanks. i had been searching for this kind of topic for a while but i didn't try the scirra forums. I will definitely try this out for my game.

  • aumthong99 & Xamie, it seems like a bit of a black art at first until you get it to work... The trick is to encode each of the sections that include spaces so that the final url has none but the content of your titles and posts is not changed. The facebook is the most difficult to get to work. As far as I can tell you have to link to your facebook app id number and that has to be setup correctly on facebook or it won't work as well. Good luck!!

  • can someone share a easy capx on how to show score on facebook (android)?

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  • Simple share link:[/code:8obhnhuz]
  • Simple share link:[/code:3nexlkkx]

    thanks for sharing this sir..!!!

    btw, can i add picture or icon in the share preview?

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