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  • EDIT: Also, I'm guessing you already save to a Save Slot by doing the system Save action, so, It is just nonsense, again, I can be wrong

    EDIT2: you can load, not from JSON, but just load, and enter the name of the slot you selected before, don't use webstorage actions At all.

    Yep, that's the way I do it. No need for webstorage imo.


    System - Save game to slot "Slot1"

    System - Load game from slot "Slot1"

    Deleting games tho? Sorry, no clue. But saving to the same slot overwrites the old, don't know if that's any help.

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  • ErekT Okay, I have everything working now. I used Webstorage to save a local key that says if the slot has a save or not. If it does, if the slot is opened, load the game. Also, you can delete the local value, and it's like deleting the world, because it says the slot has no game in it. Cool stuff :)

  • InvaderX Use expression to get to store value.

    I feel like I should be able to follow this, but I'm not. My game will begin with three buttons representing empty save slots - they say "New Character"

    When the player selects, I want him to name his character (and the corresponding save slot).

    I can't figure out how to carry that name back to the first layout.

    In the example you posted, can you show me how to rename the Layout 1 buttons from Layout 2?

  • And, of course, I answered my own question. When the player enters the desired name of the save slot, I save it to a global variable (One of three variables since I have 3 save slots, which I give the initial value of "New Character") - then, on form load, I simply added

    button -> set text -> GlobalSaveSlotName

    for all three save slot buttons. Thanks for the saving demo, Joannesalfa.

  • Well - I thought I was done.

    the problem I'm having now is that when the game starts, all buttons say "New Character" because no save data has been loaded that has the correct names stored in the slots. Clicking the slots loads the correct game, but how do I have those slots populated for a player to choose his game before a save slot is chosen?

    Image1 of my Capx save events

    Image2 of my Capx save events

  • I've managed a small workaround, in which I can have Webstorage check if the Saveslot data exists. If it does, I change the button text to "Continue Game n"

    At least this way, players know there's a game there but I'm lost on how to set what that text says to make it reflect relevant information about the actual save data.

    Can anyone help? Should I make a different thread for this?

  • shameless bump - plea for help

  • Padraik

    Okay, lets say your Webstorage key name is "Slot1"

    Then when you save that one, also save things like worldname to key "Slot1_Key"

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