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  • Disable those two lines. Okay ,You can't set the motion till the instance is created. So where you have it spawn you have to then set the angle of motion right after to 270 and it should work.

    So for when creating a new instance of an object you have to set the motion after it is created (even though you declare it early on it doesn't transfer with the instance that is created afterwards). During startup is only good for when the instance already exist like a background or something.

  • ok I will try it thanks alot can I get others helps from you please when I need it if you don't mind please

  • Substract 90° from the angle. It has to be -90° I think.

  • Yes that would work also 270 for clockwise -90 for counter clockwise.

  • but I want to move it multiple angle to go to all bugs in the last line

  • ?? The set motion angle goes by whatever angle you need it to go and give it. So you would have to calculate the angle you need by calculating the position of the player.

    Sorry not at my computer on campus. But to illustrate how the set bullet motion angles work. Kinda...[attachment=0:3oeo2xy9][/attachment:3oeo2xy9]

  • Do you mean I must add for every motion of the character angel for the bullet ???

    Do you know how I made the character shot multiple kind of bullet as you seen I have 3 types of bugs how I make the character shot these 3 randomly

    also I must added for each bullet 3 angle ???

    is it true???

  • First thing first set this up in your project first and we will take baby steps to what your trying to get to.

  • I have made you an example on how I would do this.

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  • thanks a lot

    but how you shoot 3 types of bugs and in your layout only one object you are really amazing !!!

  • It is one bug object with 3 frames (3 pictures) of bugs. If one bug is shooted then one frame will be choosen randomly, so the bug looks different.

    Do the bugs have different effects or do they just look different?

  • if I do it like this can I make each type of bug that I shoot to stop behind its same type in the layout??

  • Yes. You can check their frames if they are the same. What do you mean by "stop behind its same type"? Do you mean a red bug cant destroy another red bug?

  • yes exactly that I means if there is three or more bugs are the same it will be destroy

    also can I make the bullet go according to mouse indicator or do you thing like this better please I need advice???

  • if there is three or more bugs are the same it will be destroy

    I didn't totally understand what you mean. I made a .capx and you say if this is what you wanted.

    I think this way it would be better, so the player can see what bug comes next and where to shoot it. But it has a small bug if you press fast, all bullet will turn to your mouse. I can fix this later.

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