Newbie Question about sprite movements.

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  • Hey guys. New here and working with Construct 2 trying to achieve the same purpose. Is there a simple way to implement this? Such as a plugin or the like?


  • Been tinkering around with this and trying to figure out to stop the movement when the player encounters another object, like a wall.

  • Hello Yann... I am using your diablo like movement for my player character but I'm having a problem with her facing the right direction. She using 4 ways movement (left, right, up, down)

    I had her set up with keyboard arrows (using mirror for left) but I want her to work on touchscreen mobile device.

    Right now, she will go left and right after adding your code but she still faces right. I do not use all those directional animations you had. Just images for up, down, walk, still and shoot. I was using mirror to walk or shoot left with the left arrow key before...

  • Hi,

    In this current file Yann shared, we have to keep the mouse pressed for the player to move. How can we change it so that we just have to click somewhere in the layout and then the sprite will walk in animation to that location and stop? Without holding down the mouse?


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  • maxdilbe in construct2, when you select new project there is an example of move to mouse.

  • Yann How can I avoid the sprite getting collapse when the Touch.X, Touch.Y is the same spot as Collision.X, Collision.Y on the Diablo Like Movement? For example, if the character arrives to the place being touch, then the sprite alternates between up/down or left/right. I guess it does not know which one is the right direction. Is there a way to have it with an offset? I tried modifying the Set Position under Is Moving, but it didn't work.


  • gfigueroa

    you could do something like

    + System: distance(touch.X,touch.Y,character.X,character.Y) < speed * dt
            -> set character to (Touch.X,Touch.Y)
    + else
            -> move (I don't remember how the character is moved though :D) [/code:1cthm65q]
  • Yann Thank you so much! this gave me a starting base... I will post the result if successful !!!!

  • Yann how should change to display correctly 4 animations? (up down left right)

    i just delete diagonal animations but then angles dont display correctly

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