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  • hi cvp i have small doubt which you have send the file to me, i have small doubt,actually you are taking sprite count=20 as a global variable .suppose if we are having 40 sprite images can we take sprite count as 40 like. just share your ideas please

  • Hi Narasimha

    As from what i can see the global variable spriteCount in my example is 10... But it should equal the number of "number" sprites you have. otherwise some of the conditions in the setWantedTotal function will not work properly.

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  • hi cvp thanks for your last reply, i have small issue in that game i had created a game same with your example and i had created multiple layouts and i have added main page ,and quit image, now the my problem is after finishing of 1st level, i'm quiting the game , when i click quit image it goes to main page and again when i click to image(goto layout1) , it's going to first level and wanted total is becoming zero(i,e game over board) is displaying and some times if the sprite(number images) still there the wanted total becoming zero and some times it's working fine , if i want to do any chages please chare your thoughts.

  • I am having a hard time understanding your problem. Can you post a .capx file.

  • thanks cvp , the 1st problem is resloved, and the second one is there that is my actual total and wanted total are not matching some times, some times it's working fine. before 2 sprite count numbers the wanted total is becoming zero .

  • hi cvp

       in this game i have tried for falling object it's falling fine from the top .it's falling fine and the sprite count also getting good and my actual problem is when the objects are dropping it's falling on the down side sprite images. once the counted images destroyed , the fallen images has to come down according to the gap , but for me it's stucking their it self . can you help me please.

  • Hi,

    Do you understand your event sheet already, or are you still letting others create "your" game?

  • yes little stain , i have understand but i'm not asking to edit that fine according to what i want, but i need some some suggestions from you guys, how to do that one and how to complete that one.if you know help me how to overrcome that issue.

  • Hi cvp,

        sorry to disturb you again i have got one problem in your example.Actaully in your example only 10 sprites images are there and event sheet you spritecount=10, now i have took 11 sprite images and spritecount=11, the problem is suppose finally 1 sprite image is there at that time the wanted total becoming zero, but it has tobe display the final number also , some times it's taking all sprite images ,sometimes it's leaving 1 images and wantd total becoming zero. if any one know the solution please share it to me.

  • please any one help me for above post

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