use loop to fill screen with sprites. How to "wait"?

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  • Somebody

    A proper level, yes.

    Either by starting with empty level (just showing the background texture) and fill it with the parts (tiles) to form the level. OR start with a solid slowly down-scrolling wall (of maybe the "B" chocolate tile) and knock it off tile by tile to reveal the level tiles behind. (This second one is more like BoulderDash original, so it might be too close to be homage) <---- Somebody btw, the Fade behavior and the Scroll Effect aren't playing well together. I won't be using together, but I noticed it when I tested.


    Without actually testing the code, I have a feel this would just show any tile at random, right?

    I kind of want to have the ordered random-ness, row by row. to make it random but not entirely random.(entirely random could cause to happen to clump in one part of the screen and empty in other)

    And... THANK YOU!!!!!!

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  • The timer approach looks horrible to me, keep storing the dt on the timer variable just to run a few loops. There must be another solution.

  • Just figured out a better solution, you can create a recursive Function this way:


  • hazneliel

    Oh wow this has been a while ago. Thanks for your addition. I don't work with C2 right now, swamped with other works. But i will try to remember your post when I do comeback.

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