Layer Rotate and Collision

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  • Yann

    Thanks for your further thoughts.

    Admittedly, my need was different from onzephyr's - as I mentioned, it's the (apparent) center of rotation that I want to move. If that means the same as the POV you refer to, then my layout motion is along the X axis (without the pitching movement - that's a nice idea).

    Rolling it along the Z axis is an even cooler idea! I'm really looking forward to playing your game (when I get time after finishing mine!).

  • I now guess it was nothing personal.

    Actually I learned that kind of stuff during college/univercity, but have forgotten it in the last 20 years since I did not have to use it...

    AND I bought myself a very smart book, to keep up with you...I only have to read it <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I was sick for a few months in high school when they were teaching trig and I never got back to it. And I've also avoided it!

    My only use of math in 30 years of programming has been boolean algebra and even that seems less useful these days.

    You said in a later post in the same thread that you got a magic book so you can keep up. What was it? Anyone want to help me learn trig?

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    That's the only trig concept I use.

  • Indeed, I saw many people using layer rotation instead of a simple

    set X to centerX + cos(angle) * distance(cx,cy,sprite.x,sprite.y)
    set Y to centerY + sin(angle) * distance(cx,cy,sprite.x,sprite.y)

    Is it possible to post a capx with this code? It sounds like it is exactly what I am looking for but am having trouble figuring out how to enter the arguments/logic.

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