How do I Highscore template auto-runner

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  • Actually you know what you don't need the else statement. Remove it and remove the variable reset and layout reset in updating the Best Distance cause when it come out it will do it anyway.

    Cleaner version::


  • still don't know which is the bug... so your game update the bestDistance correctly right?

    Im going to check at afternoon when i come back from the work.

    Thanks for helping me

  • Yup you can see here:: ... index.html

    I don't just give you the .capx because I don't want to stifle your learning. It will strengthen your bug detection. Now as I said earlier if you run it in different browsers the information doesn't transfer meaning you set a 'Best Distance' in Chrome. Then that is the Best Distance in Chrome open in IE or Firefox it would be zero out for them.

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  • No wait, i think i know what is happening... when i created the textbox in one of the fields i think the text field that have writed text by default i put a 0 there maybe i should just leave it in blank.

  • ok now i get it.

    The thing is i had set local key bestdistance to webstorage.localvalue ("bestdistance") and is set local key "bestdistance" to round(totaldistance).

    But when i saw the tutorial on youtube they use webstorage.localvalue... which is the diference between both?

    This works if the game is for android cell phones?

    i think now im going to try the best 3 scores

  • Web storage.LocalValue pulls the information from the key not set it. Set local key put information into that key.So you was just putting the same value back into itself. Mobile should be fine...but honestly I haven't tested.

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