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  • Hi mekonbekon, thank you for getting back to me. I have been postponing this issue because I thought it would be fairly easily solved, but I now see it might be more complicated than I thought. I have been focusing on creating content and storing it in the form of a 2D array in Excel, although I still intend to convert it to a JSON 3D array (to use in the framework that you provided, thanks again for that).

    Adding square brackets to each entry and getting to a correct syntax in JSON might be tricky. Do you know a better way to handle the data of a 3D array, that can then be converted to JSON? Or should I just become familiar with the JSON format and store the data in a .txt file?

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  • Hi Youtopize,

    Sorry, I don't know of other ways to handle the 3D data that are compatible with C2.

    Using a JSON 3D array is probably your best bet (unless any kind souls on the forums have an alternative). It really doesn't take that much more time to enter data into a json than it would using a spreadsheet system and it also has the advantage that you can format the data with returns, tabs and spaces to make it more legible and suited to the type of data you're adding. If you want any help with the formatting I'll be glad to assist.

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