I want to make two sprites to gradually appear after that a group of sprites are destroyed.

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  • To Tomycase:

    I don't know if you receive my last post, because my post doesn't appear on the list. I am just writing to you to say that the sprite named "sprSuperComputerFace" only appears when the sprites are destroyed in a certain order and this is not how it suppose to work. When All the sprites who are involved in the same family, are destroyed the sprite named "sprSuperComputerFace" is supposed to appear regardless of the order in which the sprites were destroyed. Can you give me any advice that can allow me to discover the problem?

    Thank you!

  • Looks like you didn't see my message, I answered you yesterday :

    "It shouldn't, the event that look for the objects destruction doesn't take any order in account, only the fact that an item in this family is destroyed, it is probably caused by something related to your code or your enemies sprites setup before starting a preview"

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  • To Tomycase:

    I have found the problem, the value of the variable "Activation" and the Value of "Repeat" in the loop were too low. Thank you for your assistance!

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