TshirtBooth here just introducing myself.

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  • tshirtbooth

    Wow, hopefully you find the Time to make also Video-Tuts for Construct 2.

    Good Software and also good Forum here...

  • Keep it in your pants, guys. Geez.

  • tshirtbooth,

    wow, i'm off the forums for a couple of days and a bomb is dropped.

    for those who don't know tshirtbooth, this great community has just become exponentially greater with his presence, and i believe even that to be an understatement.

    i don't like name-dropping or calling undue attention to myself, so please believe me when i say that i am telling this tale because i am amazed to see this developer here. have no doubt, tshirtbooth is a developer...not a hobbyist.

    he and i both joined gamesalad during it's initial beta period, and paid for pro beta licenses...if that is not a contradiction in terms...lol.

    i watched him immediately begin contributing positively to that community with help, advise and tutorials aplenty. the games he came up with and published were incredible in their use of touch interaction and gameplay.

    i tend to think of games i like personally or games i want to play. but i don't have a real sense of thinking "in the market", meaning, thinking of ideas that capitalize on what is currently emerging tech wise. tshirtbooth is excellent at this.

    one point of pride that i will quckly allow myself to brag about, is that he allowed me to solve an algorithmic problem he had with random selection of items from a pre-defined group. the logic is not hard. in fact, in c2, it is ridiculously elementary. but in trying to 'massage' the interface of gamesalad, at that time, to accomplish it was less than intuitive. but i did it, and he used it, in his first published game. i felt very personally proud, to have helped in that, and he was very appreciative.

    you are a stand up gentlemen sir.

    i hope you enjoy the tropical rainforest of pleasurable development that is c2 & and it's community.

    i did not ever expect to see you here, but i am glad that you have arrived.

    give my regards to quantumsheep...lol.

    Ooh, you've got me excited now. Everythings coming up Milhouse!

  • Keep it in your pants, guys. Geez.

    is my man-crush showing...lol.

  • Hey tshirtbooth ,

    LeonardDeveloper here from the GS forums, I've moved for the same reasons as well -They just can't support things that developers want and if they do they're always slow to do it - But I'm still half-with GS I suppose, Been playing with contract for the last few weeks, Only joined the forums because you were here :)

    Look forward to seeing what you come up with, Hope you do a few tutorials :)

    Sorry to hear about gshelper.com not being run by you anymore,



  • Only joined the forums because you were here :)

    say no more...and welcome.

  • So.......this is where everyone went, well, time to join.


  • The TShirtBooth! Welcome! I'm really looking forward to see what you do!

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  • I wonder where tshirtbooth went.

  • lol no idea, honestly i don't really who is tshirtbooth

  • I wonder where tshirtbooth went.

    me too...

  • Welcome tshirtbooth to Construct 2 and this forum :)

  • Joannesalfa, he was a prolific Game Salad developer who got tired of the limits there and came to Construct 2. But since he introed himself, I haven't seen anything else. :-/

  • This thread is so funny...

    From the razamataz entry, to the tumbleweed end...

    And then you have poor kenli who doesn't actually know whats going on...bless <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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