[SUGGESTION]Event sheet for objects

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  • Wouldn't it end up looking exactly the same as what we have now? I mean for convenience the objects event sheet would probably be in the project list with the other event sheets. And included in the primary event sheet.

    Just like any included event sheet.

    So the only thing this request actually does is add a hot link to an object that opens the event sheet?

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  • I really dig the idea of being able to copy an object along with its individual actions to another project. That's awesome, you could code a whole sort of a game engine and reuse it.

    On the other hand I don't think it could make the code even harder to follow. While I liked coding in Flash it sometimes almost drove me crazy when I forgot where did I put a piece of code that was doing something and had to go around opening various MovieClips and frames muttering 'here? no. maybe here? nope. HERE? no. sh***tttt".

    So I don't know about this.


    Darklinki 10 000 events??? wow.

  • pirx yeah Its a simulation game, If the progress go on like atm we will publish it in 6-12 months.

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