[Suggestion] Simple 3D objects

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  • > Hi, would you consider making a plugin or behaviour out of your 3d object engine, please?


    Probably not. That would mean re-writing it in javascript which doesn't appeal to me.

    No worries. Could you do an example with pseudo-isometric camera? I'm asking because I'd want presentation of my game to be 2.5D isometric style, where 3d block are walls, and rest are just scaled sprites. Would that be possible?

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  • There's a new fake 3D events system for fusion 2 using a quad plugin that has the whole engine as about 950 events wrapped up into a group (ie: separate events sheet) which looks more or less like what you've done here, in theory, the whole engine COULD be made in an events sheet and not rely on a plugin, updates could be made simply by updating the sheet and parameters could be set using instance variables. A suggestion for anyone willing to take up the challenge (smarter and more patient than I am)

  • Would be pretty cool if this could be a thing but I guess it seems somewhat complicated to incorporate in a simple way?

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