Sound not playing on Safari & iOS 6+

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  • Make sure audio is stereo. Use audacity to check (even the asset bundled by Scirra some of them are not stereo. if not mistaken).

    Before I upgraded to IOS7 my sound doesn't have any issue with IOS6 except the mono-stereo problem which causes safari to hang and etc. Edit the audio to stereo with audacity seems to fix the audio loop in background and some other things.

    I just usually need to do this. Kinda like my SOP with my games.

    1)Downgrade to 22Khz

    2)Upgrade from mono to stereo

    3)I usually just import wav(converted in audacity) file and let Construct 2 do the conversion, if construct 2 complain about something, there is something wrong with the audio.

    4)Preload the audio.

    Make sure you clear safari cache if you did any updates to the game before playing the game.

    Firefox 25 and above got some bugs with Construct 2 music files, so just move the audio from music to sound files until this is fixed..

  • Thanks tumira

  • I found that removing the sound from the offline.appcache solved all my problems. The now all play fine even after reloading. They wont be available offline but that is better than not working at all.

    i will try the stereo and frequency downsampling as well. Thank you!

    I am not preloading since I read somewhere that you shouldn't..

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  • jeansson you don't get any crashes or errors when playing offline then?

  • Actually, I don't know what will happen, I have only done some quick tests and it looks like it works anyway. But if my options are to only have audio when the user is online compared to no or buggy audio always, I have to choose the first option.

  • And the web app option is out of question anyway since it freezes the home button of the ipad if the app is minimized then maximized.

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  • ArcadEd tumira


    I don't have any sound playing with IOS7.

    I have the ogg and m4a files converted by C2 but still doesn't work.

    Could you help me please?

  • beufreecasse

    Try this

    clear browser cache,

    is the wav file mono or stereo ?

    convert the audio to 22khz using audacity.

    So far I dont have any problem with ios or android device.

  • tumira


    I found out why, in facts the sound starts to work if I touch the screen.

    This is a very weird behaviour...


  • beufreecasse

    That is how ios safari works. The sound will only played after first touch.

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