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  • what? what messages?

  • saiyadjin I'am trying really hard to understand if your crazy or not. I will assume your not so answer one question. If the developers of Construct2 are working on Construct3 , why would they go through dismantling Construct2 to add in all these changes when they can apply them to C3?

  • because i did it on last stable version (before 228 came), and i've done them in such typing so that they can be just replaced (For example - i've fully replaced function segment intersection with mine), so it's technically save backup of file, copy paste mine over existing, test, if good gg if not revert to old file.

    that's not the point, i won't be doing anymore of this, i just want Ashley to explain me if this is correct what he said on the example before, and i'm all fine.

  • I can't really debug anything from screenshots. A minimal .capx is always the most helpful thing to provide.

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  • Ashley - i wasn't asking for debugging, just for concept. you said that having multiple checking for collision in events multiplies checks. the screenshot provided just a few checks of cannonball colliding with some objects - 2 triggers and 4-5 overlapping conditions. i was wondering does trigger collision check cause multiplying of collision checking and does overlapping cause it too? which is worse and why? how to fix that? i don't need you to copy paste the exact code, just some tips like you provided before (subevents), how would you change the existing checks into a better one to reduce collision checks? that's all i need to know. the concept. thnx again, and sorry if i'm boring you..

  • They're both probably about the same, since they basically do the same thing but one has a built-in "trigger once". This is the kind of thing you can measure yourself.

  • blah, i guess i'll just have to do everything myself.

  • ok, i did some checks, here's what i found out:


    images show measurements and what events trigger how:

    here's a short explanation - if you have a object that collides with something - if you check vs family - it checks for all objects in that family each instance on screen - for example red and green squares are 7 = so checking 1 blue vs 7 objects (2 are in family, but red has 5 instances, and green 2)

    if you add "on collision" - it checks for collision whole time, but if you want additionally to check if it's collided with something and nothign else, adding not overlapping under it won't be checked until collision happens. when using overlapping - it checks the same thing - if there is collision / overlapping, but triggers every time there is, not just once like event trigger on collision.

    and finally the sexy part - if your object moves (for example with bullet and some speed) - and you want to check if he overlapps when it stops, put bullet speed = 0 first, because then collision checks do not happen until your object stops - after that speed = 0 and checks activate.

    there's probably much more combination but these are some common and happen the most, so designing your game for reduced colly checks should be taken with much care, hopefully someone will find use of these graphs and images..

    if anyone has questions, pm / write here

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