Construct 2 vs Stencyl: The ultimate showdown

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  • When you export to NW.js, you get a Mac version of the exported product.

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  • if you cant wait for C3, give gdevelop a try. Its free and it runs on mac - has the same event sheet as construct2, compiles to native and html5. Can even compile to native android now.

  • Blurymind, thanks a lot!!! I hadn't even considered any other options, but I'm having a look now and i love it.

    I just bought a very very cheap laptop/tablet with Windows so I'm going to give Construct a go, but I gotta say, I'm really getting into Gdevelop.

  • gdevelop has pros and cons when compared to c2:

    pros- editor runs natively on linux,mac and windows

    • gdevelop can compile to native windows,linux and mac. It can compile to native android(beta). It can compile to html5
    • gdevelop is open source, so if you are a developer you can hack it to suit your needs
    • You can parse expressions straight in the event sheet
    • Native C++ execution and you can even inject native C++ in the event sheet (good for advanced devs), same for java

    cons- addon system not as easy as c2 - so community is not creating any plugins for it. Ver lacking in the addon department.

    • shaders possible, but not as easy to apply atm
    • editor is a bit clunky when compared to construct2
    • much smaller community using it, no asset store
    • Has no sprite editor, so not as fast for putting together a prototype
    • Only two active developers working on it in their free time
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