Construct 2 SpriteFont - Always glitchy for me?

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  • I've had this problem happen to me when exporting to Node-Webkit, but the issue was that the bundled DirectX wasn't installed. After installing it, it worked just fine.

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  • Bump.

  • It's not a glitch or bug, it's a normal result in computer graphics. Use a transparent background with transparent spaces between each character, or letterbox integer scale, and it should be fine.

  • Make sure your font does not touch the edges of the cell. one pixel spacing on all sides. It should fix it, because I had the same problem. If this does not explain it, then send me the font and i'll correct it for you as an example.

  • Ashley I'm already using transparent background and transparent spaces between each character. You can see it yourself when looking at the fontset image I just pasted. It seems that it's not working as you are suggesting. :-/

  • The spritesheet you pasted earlier has a black background and the characters go right up to the edge of the cell.

  • Ashley yeah, it's just a simple JPG export to illustrate the original image size, in response to a different question. The original image is in PNG format and has an alpha transparent backdrop.

    However, the characters are aligned to the upper left corner in each character cell, despite otherwise being properly spaced. Are you suggesting that this is the source of the problem?

    I can't try it out right now, but I will as soon as possible.

  • How does this differ to the MMF2 sprite font? I never had any issues with that... but I guess it was harder to change fonts? I can't really remember.

    I know I tend not to use the C2 sprite font for words (numbers are fine). I do wish it was a little more automated. As though it calculated the character width itself and based the spacing that way, instead of me having to tweak things frequently, making sure that the gaps surrounding M's and W's are different to I's and l's.

  • I think this might actually be a glitch after all.

    Look at this image:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    This is of 2 different screen shots of the same text. Note that one has a bleed over. The other, doesn't! The difference between the 2? I ever so slightly tweaked the spritefont object's size. That's all I did. All of the other settings are the same.

    Wouldn't this suggest that there isn't a bleed? I have ample spacing, and used the spritefont generator, following its instructions to the letter (HA! Pun!).

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