CocoonJS 1.4.5 Announcment

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  • Thndr

    1)"What we need is an open source wrapper, essentially Node-Webkit for Android/iOS. That way the project is supported by many people, and either they or Scirra would just have to stay compatible by updating the plugin/exporter. Basically like how they do Node-Webkit for PC."

    if this gives us a decent alternative why not. +1 from me..

    2)do we really know what scirra is capable to do?i think they can do a proper wrapper.2-3 man team achieve much more than 15-20 men team like ludei in short scirra have the resources to do a proper wrapper?We cant tell only scirra team knows best.

    The thing is that cocoonjs is a big joke at least for me.Like their games are a joke too..tic tac toe?ibasket?sorry ludei try to make a really robust game to show me what your technology really can do..but what im talking about?i see what you can do every day...

    All this time more and more people complain about cocoonjs, some of us asked for alternatives,others dont..I dont know when someone speaks about this cjs wrapper thing and the need of changes here, is like a blasphemy.i dont say it for this topic, no its the feeling i receive and the negativity from the team and some of the users..We are not heretics we just want a decent solution.There is a huge topic about "why c2 is better than gms" but sorry at least in the wrapper thing, gms is miles ahead c2...Why they can have it and we can not?yes i know "2-3 man team, no resources,ask ludei"

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  • spy84

    "The thing is that cocoonjs is a big joke at least for me.Like their games are a joke too..tic tac toe?ibasket?"

    that's why they can always say: "this and this works on our test apps" :D

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