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  • rexrainbow

    I understood, and have new question)) But this very easy. Have i permissions to save data in classes: User, Session, Role?

  • Each registered user will have a row in "User" class, this row only could be wrote by owner after login. And read for all users.

    "Role" is used in security but I had not supported yet in my plugins.

    "Session" class... I did not see it, where do you find it?

  • I don't know what is it

  • Uh, I had not found this table. Sorry I could not answer this question.

  • rexrainbow

    I found something about this

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  • After study these documents. (Wow, this document was posted on March 25th, 2015. It is a newest feature!)

    I found that "Session" are records which created while user login, and destroyed after user logging out. One login on any device will have a "Session" object, so there will be 3 Session objects if user login on 3 devices. (But I am not sure that session will be destroyed while app had been closed by OS or not.)

    User could have a custom "Session manager" which provided by app designer to know how many devices had login this account.


    I could see "Session" page after adding a line into my plugin, I will update my auth plugin later.

    And the Session object will not be destroyed if closing app without all logging out.

  • Hey!

    Great plugin really useful!

    I noticed in Auth that you can log into google, fb, etc and get a token.

    Is there anyway to get that token for usage in the app in other plugins? Or can we only get the firebase token?

  • NVM <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">


  • Hey I'm not sure if they rex_firebase_query is working correctly. I have all the plugins installed and I'm just getting the following warning in the console log:

    "FIREBASE WARNING: Using an unspecified index. Consider adding ".indexOn": "height" at / to your security rules for better performance."

    Not sure if I missed something since this is all new. Thanks!

  • It is a "WARNING" that suggestion you to add an index setting at dashboard to improve the performance of querying. (reference)

    You might consider it while development stage had done.

  • Update

    Add rex_parse_string to save string with any kind of size. This plugin will divide string into many rows for saving, so that it could be used to save the result of official saving feature.

  • Update

    Upgrade api version to 1.5.0.

    Add expressions to show error message / error code in most of plugins.

    I found that it could not query a key which does not exist recently, which will rise an error ( error code 102). So I need to create class (table) and prepare fields. It's terrible.

  • Do need to update all firebase plugins or just the core?

  • No, I only update rex_parse_* series plugins, not rex_firebase_* plugins.

    Sorry for confusing.

  • Got. Thanks!

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