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  • I think I found a workaround:

    Instead of the destroy being directly linked to the in app purchase you need to connect a variable to the in app purchase. Then that variable triggers the destroy.

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  • Does this plugin put a folder in the plugins folder when you install it? I can't find it in there. I want to remove it and reinstall to test if it's corrupt or not. It's not working with the latest builds for me.

  • I found it hiding out in the user appdata folder.

  • There seems to be something wrong with this plugin and I can't get any answers. I've tried uninstalling Construct2 and the plugin and even going back to a stable version. Nothing gets past this issue:

    <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10196246/adverterror.JPG" border="0" />

    It's starting to stall my app production.

  • This may have been causing the last problem. I was using:

    <script src="//MSAdvertisingJS/ads/ad.js"></script>     

    instead of:

    <script src="///MSAdvertisingJS/ads/ad.js"></script>

  • kenhes, how did you create the destroy with an in-app purchase? I was looking exactly that in the forums... Could you share the idea behind?


  • Follow this tutorial for in app purchases:


    But with this plugin, I had to make a separate global variable, that when triggered, destroys the ad. You can't just say when in app purchased, destroy ad unfortunately.

  • kenhes I coded the Ads directly in Visual Studio, I was not able to use the plugin (it would not display the ads at all). You used the plugin and it worked? For windows 8 or 8.1? Thanks

  • I never see ads where I live anyway. But when I put the test ID in, an ad popped up. And the apps with those ads are making revenue. So I assume it is working.

    I would like to see the plugin updated though. Widows 8.1 is here and there are new ad sizes....but the developer seems to have disappeared.

  • kenhes How did you get past that error in regards to undefined properties? I am getting the same error and so can't test my game in visual studio to make sure the ads work...

  • Opender did you ever get past that error? I get the same one...

  • BluePhaze I think triggering it with a variable did it. But also you need to make sure you put this exact code in to the index.html as in his tutorial:

         <script src="///MSAdvertisingJS/ads/ad.js"></script>     

    Note the three ///. It makes a difference.

  • kenhes For some reason it started working for me again with only the single / odd.

  • I've got some problem with VS 2013:

    Eccezione non gestita alla riga 351, colonna 206 in ms-appx://618bdd39-fed9-47b8-952c-f2e4f6c3303e/c2runtime.js

    0x800a1391 - Errore di run-time di JavaScript: 'MicrosoftNSJS' non è definito

    Someone can help me?

  • The sizes of the ads in this plugin are out of date now. It's virtually unusable.

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