RPG Tutorial (Part 1)

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Now all you do is copy and paste 3 more times and change the code like below:

Now if you test the project should work fine but, not good enough. We need to tweak it so it works well.

Add this line:

System everytick Player_Direction to “idle”

Now if you look at your code it is like jumble. What if you give to someone to work on the code? Will he or she be able to work it out? Best thing Construct 2 has provide us with groups.

Click left mouse on code W up movement and just press G (g) on your keyboard Groups box will open up. Type in that box Player Move up. And then just drag W (up) event into that group so Simple. Also make one group name it Player Movements. Do the same for all of them so it will look like below:

Finish Playerevent sheet events should look like below:

Nice and cool everyone will understand what is what. If you like this tutorial then please leaves behind some comments. If you do than I have incentive, and give you more inspiration.

Thank you

Lord Shiva Bless you all


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