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No installation required. Use access codes with your seats to get students using Construct 3 in moments!

No installation required

Runs in the browser like magic

Construct 3 doesn't need installing on all work stations, you simply launch it from your browser and it updates automatically.

Spend more time teaching and less time setting up!

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Access Codes

Use access codes for student privacy

You can create access codes to give to students allowing them to access all of Construct 3's features without them needing to register accounts with us.

Not only is this a flexible and quick way to get students up and running but it also means we don't collect any of their personal information such as email addresses as no account registration is required on their end.

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  • Use at home

    Use access codes everywhere

    If a student has an access code, they can use it on any of their devices in the classroom or at home.

  • Alternative access

    Assign seats to usernames

    As an alternative to access codes, you can assign specific seats to usernames. You can even mix and match and assign some seats to specific usernames, and others to access codes.

  • Advanced features

    Access Code Features

    You can create or cancel access codes as many times as you want and for as many seats in your plan as you like. You can have multiple access codes, and even set a time limit on how long the access code is valid for.

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