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We're constantly adding new features, fixing problems and improving performance of Construct 3. Here's what we've achieved so far:

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All Construct 3 Releases

Name Branch Summary Changes Published Launch
r32 Construct 3 icon Beta A big batch of changes, compatibility, and bug fixes 23 Changes 30 May, 2017 Launch
r31 Construct 3 icon Beta Windows UWP export update, some more additions, and even more bug fixes 21 Changes 24 May, 2017 Launch
r30 Construct 3 icon Beta Another big batch of bug fixes 18 Changes 23 May, 2017 Launch
r29.2 Construct 3 icon Beta Two important bug fixes for r29 2 Changes 19 May, 2017 Launch
r29 Construct 3 icon Beta A number of improvements and fixes, and the build service is now live! 22 Changes 18 May, 2017 Launch
r28 Construct 3 icon Beta UI updates and loads of bug fixes! 23 Changes 17 May, 2017 Launch
r27 Construct 3 icon Beta Exporter fixes and start of the game jam! 9 Changes 15 May, 2017 Launch
r26 Construct 3 icon Beta Bug fixes and ready for game jam! 7 Changes 11 May, 2017 Launch
r25 Construct 3 icon Beta A number of smaller changes and a new testing mode for SDK developers. 11 Changes 09 May, 2017 Launch
r24 Construct 3 icon Beta Scirra Arcade exporter, design updates, and performance tweaks. 16 Changes 04 May, 2017 Launch
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