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Social Sharing

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    Share Subject: {1} Text: {0} URL: {2}

    Trigger mobile share action with text, subject and url

    Share Text: {0}

    Trigger mobile share action with text

    Share Subject: {1} Text: {0}

    Trigger mobile share action with text and subject


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  • Thank You very much for making the plugin, works excellent.

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    • lamyey - could you post a screenshot of the event sheet you used to make this work? I still can’t get it working.

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      • How to Add Image With the Sociashare Plugin Part 1.

        Just add the plugin to your project, (DON'T USE any of the plugins's conditions and and actions).

        Use javascript to call the plugin instead.

        1. add the social share plugin to your project.

        2. add the construct 3 browser plugin to your project so the you can use javascript.

        3. add the construct 3 touch plugin

        4. create 2 global variables ("appTitle", "link") you can one more for your message if you like.

        5. create an event (Touch -> On tag gesture on share), share is an image sprite.

        action 1. System -> take snapshot of canvas (PNG, quality 100)

        action 2. System -> wait 0.2 seconds. (this is very important, it takes time to take the screenshot).

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  • Anyone managed to get this working yet?

    I've currently got:


    Still not working...

  • Nepeo - I've tried this several times now and I still can't get it working. I've tried bilding a signed APK via /r102 and building via Phonegap Build.

    Can you PLEASE supply a c3p or example project showing exactly what you've done?

  • i exported to android ( debug APK ) , not working too

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    • Nepeo
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    If you have any bugs can you please report them here, comments are not the place for this.

    @ERAgames777 Bootfit I have fixed an issue highlighted by fridadwi that the plugin did not work when minify script was used. But I haven't seen any other issues with this addon.

    In terms of examples, I've literally been using a button that calls the action. It's a very simple addon that uses this cordova plugin

  • The plugin does not work ... I issue a cordova signed apk through C3, when the window is called, nothing happens. Maybe if you show how this should happen if in fact you work?

  • Not sure how this works. I've installed the plugin and have:

    Touch > On touched Button > SocialSharingPlugin > Share Subject: “Subject here” Text: “Text here &Highscore&” URL: “”

    And nothing happens once built.

    Any ideas?

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      • Nepeo
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      What platform are you using it on, and how did you export it? Seems to work on both iOS and Android. I should probably note that it's for native ( cordova ) builds.

      There is an API for sharing in a website, but it's chrome only at the moment.

      • Just tried it with a debug .apk also - still not working.

        Are there other events/actions that need to added alongside the ones above to make it work? Are there other plugins I need to add?

      • I'm exporting as an Android Studio project then importing it into AS.

        I'm then generating a signed APK and installing that on my test Android phone.

        I press the button that points to the events/actions above and nothing happens.

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