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Scirra Arcade promotions tips suggestion

  • I'm not going into full detail, I think the pictures should speak for themselves. but here's the (minor) issue i encountered.

    Scirra arcade suggests posting on reddit, However, i encountered a problem when posting on this particular subreddit: "/r/LetsPlayMyGame"

    However, on top of that subreddit, it says: "Accepted Platforms: Mobile games or free browser-based games can not be posted here". And the Scirra Arcade automatically fills the post with the scirra arcde game details. a free web-based / mobile game / platform. thus the post got deleted.

    The Reddit topic link with the message on top of the page:

    It shouldn't suggest this after uploading to the Scirra arcde, or mention and modify the automatically created message so it doesn't apply the Scirra arcade upload to the subreddit.

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