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Top 10 Game Types on Kongregate (Most Played)

  • Some of you may be considering posting a game to Kongregate in order to enjoy the cash flow from Revenue Sharing rather than selling your game on your own or in conjunction with sales on other platforms.

    For those that are wondering what games types get the most plays on Kongregate I am making this post to list the top 10 most played game types. If you are trying to run a business in game development it may be important to see where certain games thrive in what markets.

    The following is based on multiple games in these genres that may include multiple listings for hybrid games. This sample is derived from top ranked games in their categories.

    Top 10 Most Played Game Types on Kongregate:

    1. Defense      76.4 Million Plays

    2. Shooter      70.9 Million Plays

    3. Multiplayer      67.57 Million Plays

    4. RPG              60.3 Million Plays

    5. Launcher      57.17 Million Plays

    6. Racing              40.5 Million Plays

    7. Puzzle              39.4 Million Plays

    8. Platformer      27.1 Million Plays

    9. Simulator      16.85 Million Plays

    10. 3d shooter      13    Million Plays

  • good info for game makers to focus on which type of game to make money. btw, do u have the top individual titles rather than the types ?

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  • Tyrant - 39 Million Plays - Multiplayer & Collectable Card Game

    Backyard Monsters - 37.6 Million - Multiplayer & Proxy Fighter (Pokemon like)

    These two games didn't make it into the Sample collected due to the nature of how Kongregate sorts.

    These two games easily push Multiplayer to number one and CCG 2nd and Proxy Fighter games somewhere in 5th or 6th.

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