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Smurf game maker on amiga gets sued!!!!!

  • There are many posts from users asking if it's OK to use graphics and/or name of a well-known character, and the responses vary greatly.

    Here is a recent post on a Amiga forum - a machine that is over 20 years - that is a cautionary tale for anyone thinking of using a company's intellectual property:


  • the law-bullsh*t smurf has strike again, I never really got those people, as ar worse stuuf are done by people, and some make profit out of it (for obvious reasons I will not post smurf pornography but you get the idea)

    however I always think in those grey areas, you should try to see a lawyer to have an advice, fair use is a complex matter.

  • [quote:2yq4qk41] I never really got those people, as ar worse stuuf are done by people, and some make profit out of it (for obvious reasons I will not post smurf pornography but you get the idea)

    I do and don't see anything wrong or strange with it. :/

    Anyway... IMO it sounds like the legal department for the smurfs company needed to do something to prove that they were actually busy/worth-their-pay instead of slacking off.

  • "I do and don't see anything wrong or strange with it. :/"

    Smurf are not my stuff, but clearly that is worse to have your "for children" license being ... detourned in a less child friendly way than a fan doing stuff around it for free (well, this won't be the first time I see a legit fan game being thrown down while an adult one is still up and living, not that I am an expert in that... but... well...my avatar does not mean anything, at all, ok?).

    that is if a choice was to be made, suing a fangame is always troublesome for everyone involved, but it is easier to say "I protected the license from a fan abusing of it to make a game that will hurt us!" I guess.

    back on topic: however I am curious to see how that will end, should be interesting...

  • better.... eh wanted to say a point ... ofcourse i know what an amiga is. my point is this, if anything that is created is patented, then who owns the patent, can sue everyone else for IP damage, only ... if the business that uses the same ideea or small altered product is NOT in same category cannot be sued, u can sue them, just u will lose cause it doesnt affect ur business directly. if how ever is it claimed to be fair usage, then fair usage its a gray area for internet property's, cause fair usage can mean u can use it for free and share it with others since its free advertising right? but ... while u do the free advertising for me i want the money you gain from visits of those people who sees ur shares, i want the money u earn by selling subscriptions to your channel... and so on, for the creator of the post, i know it may not make sense to u , but it does to everybody else, ask a lawyer ... and a business like u shown can have alot of multiple choices of income, 1 for sure it might be donations, but they sell something doesnt matter if it uses that image for it or not. this 2 companys can be two old friends that are hating each other since childhood and they do this cause its fun for them, and they want they mama love dont know... anyway sorry for my imprudence and intolerance of my first post i was talking out of my ....ratler .... after translating 5000 words in tutorials and programming a full bundle set for the store and for the forums so... please get me im tired need to release the boring stuff...that comes with ... involvement in doing something. sorry again if i insolted someone....

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  • gamecorpstudio unless I am mistaking, this particular exemple is a free, non ads powered game.

  • gamecorpstudio

    What a ridiculous post. How does your rant relate in any way to this situation.

    Do you even know what an Amiga is?

  • Wow, I'm surprised he even took that seriously, the email looks like spam or some kind of prank (though, I guess it wasn't).

    Anyway...yeah, I guess he infringed, but going after a guy like that is like a police officer screaming in the face of a little old lady because she double parked.

    What a bunch of pond scum.

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