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  • Read First!!!!

    Music is not equalized!!! You will have to adjust your speakers to hear the music sometimes. Or it may be to loud at some points. Keep this in mind please!!! Thanks!!!

    Also since the end of the url is ".MP3" it does not load in Firefox correctly, just click the invalid link button and you should be good to go

    Hey guys,

    After my not so fun time, but good experience with a friend, I have been more musically inclined lately. So In this thread I will be uploading original MP3 files for you to stream and if you like them you can (in your web browser) go to File>Save Page As... and you will get a do0wnload box pop up. Anyway....all these songs are made 100% by me in either FL Studio 8 Producer Edition or Recorded in Session or Audacity. And rarely Edison within FL Studio.

    I will label if a song has any "real" instruments in it or if they are all made with "VSTs" through "Piano Roll" You can read about FL Studio here: http://flstudio.image-line.com/documents/what.html

    The Music

    Song: The Nightmare Before Christmas Theme

    Original composer/songwriter: Danny Elfman

    Format: Cover-FL Studio 8 (No "Real" Instruments)

    Link: http://www.filefreak.com/pfiles/84395/Nightmare_Before_Christmas.mp3


    Song: Sweet Child O' Mine (Acoustic Version)

    Original Band: Gun's N' Roses

    Format: Cover-FL Studio 8 (No "Real" Instruments)

    Link: http://www.filefreak.com/pfiles/84395/Sweet%20Child%20O%20Mine%20(Acoustic).mp3


    Song: Morrowind Theme

    Original Composer: Bethesda Softworks

    Format: Cover-FL Studio 8 (No "Real" Instruments)

    Description: This is one of my favorite game themes ever, so I attempted to cover it. Please enjoy it though never the less!!!!!

    Link: http://www.filefreak.com/pfiles/84395/Morrowind%20Theme.mp3


    Song: Johnny B Good

    Original Band: Chuck Berry

    Format: Cover-FL Studio 8 (No "Real" Instruments)

    Description: This song seriously needs to be equalized lmao. I like it though, as far as the use of the plugin "Fl Slayer" This is one of my best pieces, besides my "Pain" cover by "Jimmy Eat World" anyway Enjoy!!!!

    Link: http://www.filefreak.com/pfiles/84395/Johnny%20B%20Good.mp3


    Song: Bewitched Theme

    Original Composer/Songwriter: N/A (???)

    Format: Cover-FL Studio 8 (No "Real" Instruments)

    Description: My mother loves the show Bewitched from the 60's. So I made a cover of the them e that is more modern, more like the Bewitched movie with Will Ferrel. Thankfully she loves it!!! It did come out quite nice actually. Let me know what you think!!! (It's not meant for enjoyment really, just thought I'd share my "talent" in FL)

    Link: http://www.filefreak.com/pfiles/84395/Bewitched%20Theme.mp3


    Song: Pain

    Original Band: Jimmy Eat World

    Format: Cover-FL Studio 8 (No "Real" Instruments)

    Description: I love the song "Pain" first heard it in "Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition" on my PSP and fell in love with it. So here is my version FL Style. It sounds odd though, beware...I have a distorted electric guitar and a flute lol. It may sound cool to you or just "off" anyway enjoy. One of my best "FL Slayer" Works yet.

    Link: http://www.filefreak.com/pfiles/84395/Pain.mp3


    Song: Ghostbusters Theme

    Original Composer/Songwriter: N/A (???)

    Format: Cover-FL Studio 8 (No "Real" Instruments)

    Description: Great Movie, Great theme, Whats not to love!?!?!? Here it is FL Style!!!!!

    Link: http://www.filefreak.com/pfiles/84395/Ghostbusters%20Theme.mp3

    If you have any requests of popular songs let me know, I'll do my best to cover them for you!!! Just send a PM or make a post!!! Theres' more to come by the way!!!!

    P.S. All songs are 100% Free to use

  • Great stuff!

    Especially the Morrowind theme it blew me away.

    *clicks file and drags onto my portable media player of choice*

    In all seriousness this was very good. Keep it up .

  • Thanks dude!!!

    I had fun talking to you on the chat box to

    Looking forward to it again sometime!!!!

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