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Mini-PC, is it worth it?

  • I'm contemplating whether or not getting a "Mini-PC", or whatever you want to call them, would be a good move.

    I currently have two computers. A stationary and a 15" laptop. I got the stationary when my previous laptop was 'compromised' when a friend of mine accidentally knocked a bottle of 7-Up over it and while waiting on my replacement laptop I had to have a computer for my studies. Now, the laptop I have is extremely under-used, pretty much permanently placed at the sofa-table for "nap-surfing" =P.

    Pretty much all work I do is on the stationary and while the 15" is considerably smaller than the 17" beasts I've lugged around before, it's still a bit cumbersome to just grab and take with for say a lecture.

    So, here are a few reasons that I've thought about that makes me consider selling my current lappy and get one:

    * Money. These things are pretty cheap. I could sell my current laptop for around 5000 sek (maybe more) and get a Mini-PC for around 3000 sek. I'm pretty pressed for cash right now and some spare change would be welcome.

    * Portability. They are also pretty small. For one thing, during our Pathfinder groups game sessions when I DM, I use my laptop for music and notes. I have to have the laptop on a chair next to me. With a smaller pc like this I could just have it on the table. I could also just put it in my normal bag when taking it with me, instead of having to take my backpack, made for 15"-17" laptops.

    The things that make me consider not getting one:

    * Power. I'm not expecting one of these things to be even a third as powerful as my stationary, but I'm still wondering how much power these things can muster. For instance, could I (theoretically) take my Construct caps with me and work on them on it without much of a change or would I run into a wall at some stage where it's just too much for the little thing? Hard to judge, I know, since the strain on the computer pretty much relies on the complexity of the project itself. But it would help to have some example of what to expect.

    * Price. As stated, a lot of them are pretty cheap, but I'm not sure if it's because of technology made cheaper, cheap ("crappy") technology being used, or both.

    So my question is: Have any of you got one of these things? If so, was it worth the money?

    Side-note: I was also contemplating getting an Archos pad. But I'm deliberately waiting until the new version gets released and see how it does until I would conisder getting one.

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  • I have one from brand "emachines". Single core. (amd athlon 2650, 1.61Ghz)

    I bought it 2 years ago, I think.

    Kinda slow, but workable. I only use it for Internet, Construct and music.

    I like how the computer case doesn't take up much space. But I guess I could also have bought a laptop.

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