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[NEW] Save the Droids game

  • Hi guys,

    Currently starting my indie game development career.

    Just want to invite you guys to download my latest game.

    This is a 3D game made in other engine but since I am a fan and Construct 2 community helped me a lot on starting my game dev hobby, I love to promote my game here

    It is already available in Google Play you can check it out

    Google Play:



    You are a cosmonaut caught into a black hole in your journey outside the Milkyway Galaxy.

    Unknown to you the black hole is a portal to a parallel universe with interconnected different galaxies.

    Due to magnetic storms and violent weather, The energy droids that powers your ship scattered in this indefinite universe. The only way to survive and escape this unreal scenario of death is to Save the Droids!

    Save the Droids is a first person puzzle game where player need to navigate his way to different obstacles and objects to gather the missing droids and take it back to his ship.

    Come and Save the Droids! before its too late! Play now!

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