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Little Pixel - The Revolution

  • The Revolution is a project i am working on for fun in my spare time, it started out being just the flagship tileset known as the revolution, but as it grew i got requests for other resources so here is the revolution, a collection of 2d pixel art created by me for all you game developers.

    VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT revolutionresources.co.uk/

    Resources Included

    Revolution tileset

    ?grasslands snow dungeon lava dungeon ice dungeon desert interior town

    ???Revolution Sprites


    Male sprite template female sprite template?


    Guardian Tileset


    Coming Soon

    8 Bit Tileset 8 Bit sprites Sidescroller Tileset Sidescroller Sprites

  • Looks like a new "The Breeze revolution".


  • You say "created by me for all you game developers." But your license is "Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License." which means we essentially cannot use this and make anything off of our projects. I'm gonna suggest that you either make them available for a certain price or remove that restriction.

    It's nice and all for game creation tools like RPG Maker, because that is not much of a serious commercial tool, but C2 is for making $$$.

    Anyway, just my two cents. It's not a big deal I just wanted to point that out, this is a different community.

  • i understand what your saying about the license, they are completely free to use for commercial projects too i simply as for you to contact me before, maybe its not clear enough and i should change it, i also think itsmy mistake with the license its suppose to be (CC BY-SA 3.0) i bealive, i shall get this changed asap

  • Fabzy, sounds good! Also, your first post's formatting is a little wonky. "


  • Today iv worked on a variety of new hair styles, this will bring more variety to the sprites you will be able to create, also there is a collection of dragonall Z hair styles included

    Check out my website for the full collection of resources

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  • Hello there just bumping this topic and a few updates to show.

    -A new website design

    -New hairs

    -new sprites

    -a few tweaks to existing tiles

    -Items ADDED

    -new area added with some resources from side projects and older work

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