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[FREE AUDIO] Free Horror/Ambient/Scary Music

  • Hi guys. I thought about giving something back to the community. So anybody making any horror/scary games nowadays? If you do - I have something for you to drop into the background. And I promise you - your gamers will be wetting their pants even if the only thing they see is the loading screen. Its for you to take, for free.

    The License is CC 4.0 aka do w/e the heck you want - as long as you give me credit and don't try to sell my audio as a stand-alone.

    All the music/ambients are available via my old YouTube channel. Just rip them off the videos (I don't have a server :\ ) and you have my blessings to become the next Five Nights. I assume if you can make games - you should know how to download audio from YouTube, don'tcha? Well at least I do.

    If you don't and you are too lazy too google, here's a tools that might aid you:

    Albums available for your use are:

    1.Album "Howling"

    2. Album "Jagged Light"

    3. Album "Wounds of Iron"

    What else? Meh, I don't know. Cheers! Go get yourself famous.

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