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Seeking team member to draw Backgrounds

  • I am leading a team of 5 including a composer, writer, artist (specifically for characters), programmer and animator.

    We've been at work on this project for a while and it's coming along nicely but is apparent we need someone who can make atmospheric backgrounds for the music, dialog, and characters that are already in place.

    Most of the scenes are underwater or at least a large portion is underwater. The main challenge would be coming up with a design that matches the other artist's characters. But the characters are flexible enough that there is plenty of leeway.

    I don't have a budget and would prefer a partner to share profits from sales, but the arrangement I have with the other artist is $15-$35 per sprite. Obviously that's well under what an artist is worth but I could probably match that or something equivalent if that was the preference.

    Contact me if you are interested.

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  • I might be willing to help you out.

    PM me your e-mail or some other way we can set up a meeting/chat and discuss e-mail, so I could see what you're working on and if I could help.

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