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[paid] MySQL/PHP CRUD template

  • Hello there,

    I am interested in developing a game that is heavily(almost only) based on data interactions and management.

    For such project I am interested in hiring a developer to speed up my work and create a template CRUD for a PHP/MySQL integrated C2 game.

    For those not familiar with the CRUD term, some example features for the template:

    -A basic form to input data to the MySQL database

    -A bunch of text fields with their text set to results from a SQL query

    -"Edit buttons" to change the value of these text fields

    Though I will use the template in my own game, the template is to be release for FREE, PUBLIC and UNRESTRICTED use for the C2 community, so it won't be proprietary anymore, I'm just investing in something that will be useful for me and for other ppl too, I hope .

    Please feel free to ask further details and contact me to negotiate payment.

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