I got this kinda crazy game idea... (Platformer)

  • ...and I´m looking for some hobbyists. The idea for this is stuck in my head since about 1 1/2 year. Now... I can draw and I got C2 fired up. I created a mobile game and a small platformer (1 level) so far. (I can export if somebody wants)

    Now back to my idea.

    Long story short:

    Some guy strands on an island (called Wackyland), and has to *drumroll* save the princess. For real now, but the story behind saving the princess gets pretty interesting..... or at least I think it is Actually the story is quite lengthy 2.500 words and it´s not very detailed described.

    The island is split into several nations. Toys, Mechas, Ghosts (and 6 others)

    I just reworked it today and I think I got all the logical flaws out. I don´t want it to be openly available, but if you are interested pm me.

    I have to add I only insist on it beeing a platformer and in 2D. For the rest we either agree on the existing idea or find a new one. Remember, it´s a Hobbyproject, so you work on it when you have time and urge. But of course, a steady progress is always nice to see.

    Here are 3 first concepts from me. I think I´d go with a more comic-like style though.

    (Yes there will be some darker parts)



  • Looks interesting. Lots of tiki heads, or moai is a must have.

  • Heh, there is a whole tribe of tiki heads. Guess moais can´t hurt, got a temple for that.

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  • Love your art. PMed.

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