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  • Who am I ?

    Hello, my name is Andrea, aka Pokka;

    I'm 19 years old italian who just finished schools, and leader of a small 3 person developing team.

    The basics :

    Me and two other guy (music editor and pixel artist), are developing a bullethell with rpg like elements, in both graphics and mechanics called "PRJ:Generations" for now, based on the same concept of GoW, slaying gods, but with bullet hell like combact; And it's built with the help of bulletml script language.

    Now that you know the basics of our project let me give you a more interesting info: The game has most of his mechanic done, the only thing missing for a demo are the graphics and some audio/music effects. This is why I'm writing this post. Our plan is to have a solid demo built to share, so we may start a SMALL crowdfunding -not asking for enormous amount of money- again a SMALL crowdfunding, a steam project page and a indiemod page to get some real feedback.

    What's next :

    Once we've collected enough data we may discuss if the full game developing should happening, based on the feedback. If people appreciated it and had crowdfounded, or if it has been disliked and failed the crowdfound. Rev-share or monthly pay for you, these are details to define post-demo/post-crowdfound. This would mean UNPAID work for the demo, and paid work if the project start.

    Who are we looking for :

    So, basically we are looking for an unpaid freelancer, full-time or part-time is your choice, to join us and fill one of these roles just to speed up our work:

    -Pixel Artist Low Resolution (16x16, 32x32, 48x48)

    -Pixel Artist High Resolution (48x48 or bigger)

    -Music Composer

    -Sound effect composer

    -Concept Artist

    -Graphics Artist(non pixel artist)

    Concluding Notes :

    I'm more interested in developing a full game than earning money, so please if you have any friend/contact who may be interested please let me know. Tips and suggest Are welcome too, thanks again.

    You can also contact me at this email address :

    Regards, Andrea.

  • Hi guys,

    I am Italian as well and I understand your enthusiasm but since I have been at your point 17 years ago I might suggest you to start small first. I know everyone suggest the same thing but it's true. If you haven't completed at least one game first, better do it now. Test your team, the agreements that you have, see how many people stick together rather than leaving because they have to study for the final exams, going out with the new partner, do military service (that was at my time ), etc. Practice and see what you do, put your name out somehow first with at least one completed project.

    After that go back to this project, create a small demo, even if not 100% stable. Then recruit eventually new people needed and after you can go crowdfunding. This will help your chance of success

    People want to see what you are able to do and if you can finish some project before paying money. This because lately many project fail.

    I hope all the best for your game!

  • Hey I'm interested if you're still looking. Maybe we can talk over skype or something? I can do some graphic design or pixel art. Just tell me what you want to see and I'll make it and we can go from there.

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  • Thanks both for your reply, however we're done with pixel artist recruiting as we do have a full team, we now are looking for a co-developer. Thanks again.

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