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*Spriters Wanted!*

  • Hello! I am currently working on an adventure rpg with you taking the role of a pirate sailing the seas for treasure and glory. The game will include sea battles, island exploring, and the ability to board ships as well as customize your own! One problem, I am far from being a decent spriter, and that is were you guys come in! Though i will not be able to pay anyone for their help any time soon i was hoping any person or persons would be able to help in the making of this game. Any one who helps will get an honorary spot in the credits, as well as your name used as a pirate/sailor.

    I need some retro, 8/16 bit artwork, top down of ships, water, island and most importantly pirates and sailors!

    Email at for personal contact, though i will be on daily to answer questions, give help, and thanks those who help.

    I inspire to start a game development company so a little help could go a far way

    Thank you!

  • Still no one? Well ill give it my best shot, will always appreciate community help if you guys can.

  • I'm available and I have been using C2 for a little more than a year now. I'm not the best at the programming or mechanics, but I can create good sprites. Iv'e been working on them more, considering my age, i'm still in practice. I work for free, like you said, I just want to be in the credits. Wait there's more! I score very high on writing tests, and am decent at writing story lines. I haven't drawn anything full scale yet, haven't had the need yet. So you have a Spriter and possibly a writer too! (I own Free Edition, i'm saving up for personal license. It's on my wishlist!)


    ~I prefer pixel work as you can see~

    Game drawn entirely and programmed:

    • That is one of my first game completely hand-drawn.

    Sorry for the long reply... If you don't think i'm best suited for you, I understand. Any questions email me at; or just reply here. Thx for your time.

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  • Potato23

    Hi there,

    Your links go straight to my dropbox for some reason and i would like to check out your art.

    Can you please email me some samples at ,

    Sorry for the thread hijack

  • WildRoosterGFX


    You should of received an email.

  • Aspiring to start a game development company? So do I. I don't know if its of interest to you, but starting up a small team would be great. Or we could combine our efforts into one company. The more games published by a company, the bigger it is. I'm currently working on two games, and draw nearly all my own graphics.

    Email me if youre interested-

  • hi check my portfolio.

    and check my current project.

    and my youtube channel:

    contact me if you are interested:

  • Hello Gamingco how it goes, you already found someone for what you you need, I can help you with own sites I create site. You can have yours if you want but if you want to know contact me. only by email, maybe we can have a full staff, producers, builders, designers and others. clear that values will talk later.

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