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[Rev Share]Vlambeer style game requires pixel/vector artist

  • So, first off, the prototype:  

    Apologies for the weird unlock system. It was probably a mistake and will need to be changed to a normal upgrade shop style thing.

    Cheat: Tap "T" in "How to Play" to spawn unlock tile.

    Unlockables answers:

    Jetpack, Shotgun, Bombs

    Sticky Feet, Bouncy Gun, Slowmo Beam,

    Low Gravity, Ninja Star,, Turret Gun,

    Acrobatic, Laser Beam, Teleporter

    Some of my other work:

    I just made this (with an artist and sound/music guy) over the past weekend as part of Ludum Dare

    Still in progress

    More details about this job

    I'd prefer the artist be involved in the design to some extent, suggesting improvements and helping shape the project.  Hopefully ensuring the game feels like a shared project, with us as partners as opposed to making the sprites simply being a job.

    Obviously as I'd like us to be 50/50 partners any profit sharing should we create a game people want to play would also be 50/50.

    I've never done one of these posts so if this is missing information please feel free to ask any questions.

    If you're interested you can comment here, or PM me, or email at .

    Thanks for reading this!


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