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One Big Board (Layer) or Multiple Layers

  • I read the Tutorial on multi-screen sizes and have opted to use the 1280 x 720 for my game/layout. For my next game, I was thinking about creating a multi-room concept. Would it be better to:

    1) Create 1 big board (i.e. 12,800 pixels by 3,600 pixels for the project) and somehow create a 1,280x720 screen/layout? Then, as my character moves, the layout is centered on this? Thinking it would be 10X wide and 5X tall


    2) Create 50 layouts... so, as I move from 1 layout to the next it would load that particular layout/scene? I'm assuming I could still use 1 event sheet and as my character moves to the edge of the screen (i.e. as he goes off the right of the screen) it will load the corresponding layout.

    I was thinking about creating the "board" in Photoshop and could keep it as 1 large file or slice that file into the 50 sections/rooms/layouts.


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  • I reread the platform tutorial... it answers my questions.

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