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Rights to sell

  • Hello Everyone as A Indie developer do you have rights to sell your game you made on Steam and other digital market websites etc ??

  • You do have the right that you own the games you make, but Steam doesn't accept just any game. Other "digital market websites" yes, you can sell them in other places.

  • so steam is with the big boys i see thanks alot !

  • One way is Steam's greenlight, i've heard there is a $100 fee to submit a concept, and then you'll need the community to "greenlight" it, so even paying, there is no guarantee they'll accept it!

  • so what you just said above is the whole process you go through with Steam ? and its based on if your game gets accepted or not correct ?

  • 2 Ways to get on Steam:

    1. Greenlight

    • Everyone can submit games there (as long you paid the 100$/€ submission fee), but only if you generate enough fuss for your game (high voted, additional magazine coverage, ...) you will have a chance to get it published

    2. Publisher

    • If you game is great, try your luck on one of the big publishers. If they like it, they can put your game on steam, but you will only get a small portion of each sale.
  • Ubivis do you have any games released on steam ? Have you ever tried to submit some

  • I have one game on Greenlight (Written in C++, not made with C2): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... d=93977436

    But as it is on there since the very beginning, I lost faith that it ever gets released. Everyone who is interested can download it for free on walkover.org <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink">

    There are a couple of games on Steam made with C2... you can have a look here:

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =103535227

  • Since you know C++ what makes u use c2 instead of unreal or Unity

  • In addition, to sell games made with Construct 2 you'll need at least a Personal License, and unless you have it on Steam and it doesn't show here, your profile doesn't seem to show that, so I'll explain. A Personal License lets you earn up to $5,000 from games you make (in total, not per game), and the Business License removes that restriction entirely, allowing you to earn unlimited revenue. So, if you plan on selling any games you make using Construct 2, you'll need either license.

    That aside, I wish you luck with further development, .

  • Since you know C++ what makes u use c2 instead of unreal or Unity

    The simplicity

    I worked with Object Pascal, PHP, C++, C#, Perl and Basic (Q and Visual).

    All have their pros and cons. My main reason to work with C2 at the moment is that it is much cheaper than Unity and Unreal Engine and it is easier to use

    With an own family, you don't have that much time anymore to spend on complex code. The Event Sheet makes it really simple to set up complex stuff.

  • The simplicity


    With an own family, you don't have that much time anymore to spend on complex code. The Event Sheet makes it really simple to set up complex stuff.

    I totally agree. It took me a few hours to drill into my head that objects in families were automatically picked when they meet the over condition being posed to the family. I was initially like, "Okay, so for each entity I need to detect which was hit by a bullet, so I need some form of identifier, or to set a variable on bullet collision to target that object, then pull the object data and work out damage calculation...' I was happy to find I don't need to make deeper conditionals, .

  • Hey Ubivis You didnt Mention Gm Studio And its Free Version Does that Mean that Game Engine Suck or Some LOl . I just Hear Alot That Its Drag N drop Just like Construct

  • It really isn't... I do have Game Maker Pro but don't really like it.

    You need to script too much in there to have a good result. And when I need to code myself, I do like to do it myself entirely.

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  • So it Seems you been having most of your Luck in construct 2

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