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[plugin] socket.io 1.x

  • socket.io 1.x

    Direct download link: http://git.nodepie.ninja/Johnny/socket- ... ref=master

    Published under MIT license thanks to DatapawWolf

    More stuff coming up. Enjoy hacking around!


    • 29.04.2015 transferred the repo to http://git.nodepie.ninja/Johnny/socket- ... ree/master. Other links are dead.
    • 21.10 - upped socket.io version to 1.1. (latest at the moment) - Live test server updated, please test.
    • 23.10 - added direct download link. Should be more clear how to obtain the plugin. Some cosmetic changes to forum post
    • 25.10 - new issue: implement "is connected" condition
    • 29.10 - plugin version upped to 0.1.2, "is connected" condition implemented, socket.io client library upped to ver 1.2, new .c2addon file
    • 05.12 - plugin version upped to,, socket.io client library upped to ver 1.2.1, new .c2addon file. Tests ok!
  • Very intresting, as official multiplayer sometimes does not always work because of router configs.

  • Well then. This is unexpected. Was waiting for this for quite some time <3. (Thought you all who fiddled with the plugin left us )

    If you're planning on continuing the dev and/or updating let me know. I'd like to keep in touch with you in-regards to the plugin.

  • xoros Index

    I plan to keep this plugin updated. Invitation to anybody wanting to contribute is open, as it is vital to the success of this plugin.

    My main goal is to create environment for development, this forum tend to get messy when the topics are large! The repo will move to a new git server until the end of the week to find it's permanent home. Login/signup will be open/free for anybody willing to contribute.

    Also, the plugin is written from scratch, and hopefully the code is clean, readable. It would be great if anybody is willing to skim the source for possible errors/improvements.

    In the next release i would like to work on binary support; more extensive tests, and a better live server (with more stuff implemented). Hopefully the public server will serve as a boilerplate for anybody willing to write socket.io servers.

  • Are you going to move it into Github?

    Also take a look at this => https://gitter.im/

  • I don't use github so much, i prefer gitlab. It's open source, free*, and gives you options for private repos. git.machina.hr is an example of gitlab server. Pretty much the same experience as github.

    I plan to create a new gitlab instance with signup enabled, so anybody willing to contrib will be able to do it. Anybody will be able to create his own private/public repos for his/hers plugins.

    Dunno, github is cool and all, but i think that there is a need for a public repo with specific stuff for C2. It will enable much more options to develop and scale. Maybe i'm wrong? What's your opinion?

    * free as in free code but not free hosting/server

  • Never got notified that you responded- just happened to see it... odd.

    Anyway, the biggest drawback is that 5 private. However, then you don't actually have to deal with servers. Which I think GitLab has a pretty heavy draw from a single commit/pull on a small single server. Which properly scaling will likely cost more than $7/m.

    As for everyone else forking a repo, public is an option on GitHub. If they wanted private- that doesn't really have to be an issue you specifically need to handle.

    I'm fine with either nonetheless- if you can support GitLab and don't want GitHub.. go for it =p.

  • Upped plugin version to 0.1.2; please re-download and test; see change log for details!


  • If anyone has a weird Javascript problem saying undefined variable make sure you have no other Socket.IO plugin in the project. (Delete any other socket.io plugin from the object panel)

    Warning: If you delete any object from the object panel it will also remove ALL references to that plugin, immediately.

  • Index

    Can you elaborate/provide a .capx please?

    I cannot reproduce the bug, no matter how many objects there is in editor...

  • I used this plugin in the past.

    Adding that alongside yours - then using yours to connect to anything caused an error. Though maybe I modified the older one at some point so that could be an issue too *shrugs*

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  • I used this plugin in the past.

    Adding that alongside yours - then using yours to connect to anything caused an error. Though maybe I modified the older one at some point so that could be an issue too *shrugs*

    Hmm, there's no need to use that version, it's outdated, buggy and based on old socket.io library which is deprecated now. I'll edit the old post to reflect the changes.

  • Ya, I know. I just still had it in the project and added yours in- which is why both were in at the same time.

    The plugin works fine over non-ssl. However, when I attempt to use Socket.IO 1.0 with SSL the client says "ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED" and "Transport Error" - So I'll keep trying to figure it out and report back when I've found something.

    Edit: Figured it out. Accidentally removed server.listen(port); when changing the code over.

  • Edit: Figured it out. Accidentally removed server.listen(port); when changing the code over.

    If you've got time, it would be cool and really helpful if you could try to transfer some binary data over the socket. You could try with Constructs (set bit) action to set a binry value, and then try to send value of that variable over the socket and report what did arrive at the server.

  • Alright. I'll try that.

    Also just bought spriter. So I might try using both this plugin and that plugin/program =].

    Edit: Cannot send any events at all. They just never appear on the server. So I'm trying to figure out the problem.

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