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[REQUEST] Yarn Spinner integration

  • Hello.

    I was wondering. Could anyone possibly make a Yarn Spinner integration?

    It's a node based dialogue editor that can export to JSON. It was used in Night in the Woods for exemple. It's super useful, and I wonder if anyone would be willing to make a plugin that integrated that.

    Here is a very simple JSON export with two nodes:

    		"title": "Start",
    		"tags": "",
    		"body": "Hey\n[[Node1]]",
    		"position": {
    			"x": 255,
    			"y": 216
    		"colorID": 0
    		"title": "Node1",
    		"tags": "",
    		"body": "Empty Text",
    		"position": {
    			"x": 614,
    			"y": 229
    		"colorID": 0
    And here is how it looks in the editor.
    I'm pretty sure someone can make something out of this. That'd be cool anyway.
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